Corta Auvreanddare(Blood of the Winds) is a half-elf from Ayramin in Thorek. She has long dark hair with a red tint, olive skin, and green eyes. She is shorter than a typical elf but taller than an average human.

Her mother, Elizabetta, was a human warrior and her father, Ansryn (Rune Bringer), was an elf, who specialized in metal work. Her father asked that she not be trained as a warrior, but he said nothing about self-defense so her mother taught her “in secret”, which is where her powers were first drawn out, although she was not entirely aware of this. At ten or so, some force destroyed her village. Despite her fathers wishes, Corta’s mother went to fight. Her father was then killed in front of her by a mysterious figure. The villain left his blade after setting the house on fire. Corta fled into the woods and when she returned days later the village was rubble. Corta assumed her mother died in battle. In reality, her mother did survive, but believing her family to be dead, she threw herself from a cliff.

Finding a helpless child in a pile of rubble, a band of gypsies took Corta in. Corta eventually find out that this was no coincidence. Instead of mourning the death of her parents, she kind of just turned off. For the first while after joining the caravan she was very quiet, which led her to be very observant. To keep her mind off the tragedy, Magatha, the “mamma” gypsy, gave Corta some things(crystal balls, cards, etc.) to work with. Gradually she became more open, but she was still more introspective than straight forward. Corta can be spacey, often stuck inside her own mind. She is apt to waver between deep set suspicion and absolute trust, based on her mood and mindset.

Corta is kind, patient, crafty and likes simple things. She is extremely observant and has a quick mind. Sometimes she can be playful and other times she is aloof, more out of introspection than bad manners. This can be detrimental for her as she can come off as uncaring. She is very diplomatic and believes in fairness and justice, not at all costs or for all reasons, but in general. This is where her neutral character comes in. She is not neutral on every account, but goes either way depending on the situations, both moral and immoral. More often she will do the right thing, but in some cases she will take the low road, like an attempt to get vengeance, or scare people, or trick people in order to get what she want. She does not lie without reason though, and would do something bad to help someone deserving (steal from rich, give to poor), so in that way she is somewhat amoral. She likes to hearten the underdog. She would definitely help a child in distress, and would not kill a creature without good reason. For example, a rat-folk stealing books would get questioned to the nth degree before starting combat, but a rat-folk that simply charges would get shanked. Mostly, she wants to help those who need it and hurt those who would hurt others.

She likes being around people even if she’s not always all there. She enjoys travelling to new places and meeting a variety of beings, so she has seen a lot and is not often shocked. She sometimes makes quicks decisions, which is bad because they can be rash and and get her into trouble. However, it can also be good because she just goes with it and somehow it works out. This is probably helped a bit by her perception and powers. On occaision Corta will purposely put herself in danger. This stems from a desire to replace her feelings of loss with something else. In addition, this is probably the reason why she chose to join the crew without a second thought.

She carries two daggers, one carved from stone to resemble feathers, that belonged to her father and the one that was used to kill her father. She also has a carved wooden long bow and arrow, a cold-iron sword and - that Grom gave her as when he left with his Orc clan.

Corta has spent most of her life travelling, which she loves and wishes to continue, but she has been doing the same thing for years. She has thought about finding something amazing somehwere and staying there because of it, but whatever it is she hasn’t found it yet. As she has not yet come across this thing or feeling or attachment or location, she stayed travelling with her gypsies for longer than she had expected, but when given the opportunity (in the tavern) she made a split-second decision to go with it. She’s still searching for this thing, and plays with the idea of vengeance for her parents, but she doesn’t know exactly what happened. Perhaps she will find out during her future travels.

Corta acts towards people based on their personalities.

With Magatha she is helpful, loyal and mostly well-behaved, save a few times when she has gotten into trouble. She is willing to learn and tries to be as charismatic as Magatha, probably where she picked up her diplomacy and argumentativeness.

With Jordan she acts more reserved, as she can tell when he does not want to be bothered. Being observant, she notes peoples behaviours and idiosyncracies. By mimicking Kestro when he’s acting like a knob, she has managed to make Jordan laugh and it is somehwat of an inside joke.

She sees Kestro as a brother, an enabler for trouble. Her taste for danger has come from her willingness to follow Kestro into fun and potentially hazardous situations. She has even helped him swindle money a few times, but kept it secret from Magatha.

She considers Elda’Ree as a sister, although in a more relaxed way than with Olivia, as Olivia is more apt to dote on her whereas Elda’Ree is more likely to let her be. Both being slightly spacey, they have good conversations because when one of them falls deep into thought, the other one is probably already there.

Corta has been travelling with Owtikk and Foren for a while now, recently parting ways with Grom and acquiring two new comrades, Cyrus and Lizer. She is reactive to their personalities in the same way as she is with her gypsy crew.

With Owtikk (and Ghost!!) she is warm and friendly. She would like to protect Owtikk, because she is so tiny and sweet, but in all fairness it is actually Owtikk who ends saving the others. She is apt to joke with Foren, as he often plays the fool(haha) and she enjoys his light-hearted sentiments. Corta think appreciates Cyrus’ wit and blatant drunkenness, despite his somewhat depressive nature and bouts of ire. She supports his quest to save his country, and is willing to help, despite her own less-than-fond memories of Thorek. Corta finds Lizer quite hospitable and intelligent (indeed), yet somewhat over-bearing and arrogant. She is friendly towards him but also speculative of his veiled past.

After Corta joined the gypsies, Magatha kept a strict watch over her the majority of the time. However, every once in a a while she found an opportunity to escape.

In one particular incident, she followed Kestro as he left on a mission to take money and treasure gambling with a group of belligerent rogues. Kestro realized that she was following him, and as they were already too far away from the caravan, he agreed she could come along. He even encouraged her to use her premonition to win. Kestro cheated and used tricks to swindle money from the rogues, but one of them caught on. Things turned violent and Kestro was seriously hurt. Corta, seeing her friend in danger, was overcome by her powers and lost control. She killed two men in the fight, leaving the remaining one injured. Terrified he ran off. When she finally came to, Kestro was in bad shape. She was able to heal him to a degree, so as not to arouse suspicion from Magatha on their return, but had exhausted her strength leaving her out of commission the days following. This was augmented by her memories of the incident. Although she did not remember much, what she could recall, along with the sight of the lifeless bodies she found upon waking, still haunts her. The incident was never spoken of again.

Upon learning that she was the target of the attack that destroyed her village, Corta feels responsible for the death of her parents and the subsequent destruction. She feels as though she has no true place in the world, yet still believes herself indebted to her village, her country; generally anyone she comes across.

As a result of the prophecy given by Aphelion, Corta wants to avenge her parents and atone for the trouble she has caused by venturing into the abyss to fight whatever evil she and her friends may find there.

She has been quite cautious of her powers and terrified at the thought of potentially hurting anyone else. Recently though, she has found them necessary as she is worried her friends may be harmed by other evils if she does not act to protect them.

Corta has been experiencing recurring dreams in which she relives the day that her parents died. The dream is not the exact same every time, sometimes there are details added, which relate more to her current life. In her dream, Corta is a child again, standing in her house and watches her mother run off to battle. Her father is speaking to her, but she cannot understand what he s saying. She can only hear screaming from outside. Her house is filling with smoke and she realizes it is on fire. A figure enters. Cortas father steps in between her and the figure, and suddenly everything goes into slow motion. The figure stabs her father with a dagger, and she watches her father fall. Recently, in Corta’s dream as her father lays dying, it is not only blood flowing from his wound but blue-white ruins like the ones that emit from Corta’s skin and staff. The figure walks towards her with his blade. Corta escapes from her house but she cannot run, everything is in slow motion. Her village is falling down around her as she heads into the woods and she is unsure if she will make it before the whole thing crumbles. She finally reaches the forest and sinks into darkness. As she falls the same blue-white runes swirl around her. Again, her surrounding become more clear and she realizes she is plummeting towards the sea. Before she hits the water, she wakes.


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