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  • Griswold

    Griswold is the middle-aged bartender of the Broken Spigot Inn and Tavern, located in the city of Cobble's End. Griswold's attitude is very friendly, and he always loves to hear any bit of gossip one of his patrons bring in.

  • Autumn

    The owner of The Thirsty Ferret is a woman named Autumn, who inherited the place from her father before he passed away due to a sickness. Autumn wishes to do her father's memory proud, and delights in serving so many people from all over the continent. …

  • Jimmy

    As friendly and outgoing as any bartender in Telledor, Jimmy runs the smoke den known as Troll's Hollow, found beneath a bridge in Algordale. Jimmy loves to spread rumours, and hints at interesting goings on, usually employing a few of his trademark winks …

  • Roland Truebraid

    Roland Truebraid is an odd sort of Dwarf. He is outwardly stern, grumpy, and even accusatory at times, although these emotions hide a kind, warm and wise heart within. With his sharp eyes, Roland can typically size up a patron of his bar (The Lazy Griffin …

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