Ioun Stone: Dusty Rose Prism

A dusty rose prism, which grants extra protection to the wearer.


These crystalline stones always float in the air and must be within 3 feet of their owner to be of any use. When a character first acquires a stone, she must hold it and then release it, whereupon it takes up a circling orbit 1d3 feet from her head. Thereafter, a stone must be grasped or netted to separate it from its owner. The owner may voluntarily seize and stow a stone (to keep it safe while she is sleeping, for example), but she loses the benefits of the stone during that time. Ioun stones have AC 24, 10 hit points, and hardness 5. The powers of each stone vary depending on its color and shape.

A dusty rose prism ioun stone grants a +1 insight bonus to AC.


Grom found this item in the vault of Crowtop Keep. He gave it to Foren, who gave it to his cohort, Brackator.

Ioun Stone: Dusty Rose Prism

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