Zephar Goldbiter

A mysterious Half-Orc from Algordale who owns Goldbiter Weaponsmiths, a magic-weapon shop in the city.


In stark contrast to the majority of Orcish kin found across Telledor, Zephar Goldbiter dresses himself in fine, well-tailored clothing, and keeps well-groomed at all times. Therefore, athough he is a Half-Orc, with greenish-tinged skin, Zephar carries himself more like a human than like a monster. Short for one of his kind, Zephar stands a mere 5 feet 11 inches, and has a slender build. He has long, shiny black hair which he slicks behind his pointed ears, and a wide, downward-pointing nose. On his chin, he sports a short beard, which he typically decorates with a ring or clasp. All of his teeth are made of shining gold, including the short tusks sprouting from his lower jaw. Zephar can typically be seen wearing a long, black leather coat with various gilded embellishments to show his love for the material. His eyes are rarely ever seen, as he hides them behind a pair of black-tinted goggles at all times. On his back is a distinctive red-bladed sword, foreign in design.


With a flair for the macabre, Zephar Goldbiter enjoys presenting himself as a mysterious being. With a faint, vaguely rough voice, Zephar speaks smoothly, happy to impart wisdom and advice upon those who seem to need it most. However friendly and benevolent he may appear to be, Zephar never reveals his full hand to those he does not fully trust. By his wealth, his vast amount of antiques, and his worldly nature, one can easily tell that Zephar has lived a long and interesting life. The details of his life are a great mystery to even his closest friends, and he rarely talks about his past endeavours, even when asked. Zephar runs Goldbiter Weaponsmiths in the city of Algordale, and is an expert in creating magical weapons. He runs his business well, and is always happy to take on interesting projects.

Zephar Goldbiter

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