Trisha Boltcaster

A clockwork engineer, originally from Weldor.


Garbed in well-worn tight-fitting leather trousers and a vest, and wearing a cream-coloured loose-fitting shirt, Trisha is easily recognizable as a clockwork engineer, especially considering the grease stains and burn marks over much of her clothing. Standing 5 feet, seven inches, Trisha carries herself with a strong determination, and typically appears deep in thought. She has a pale complexion, with springy brown curls pulled back behind her ears, and running down her back. She normally wears heavy gloves, and is typically seen with some tool or other in hand – a large wrench being a favourite of hers.


Strong-willed and ever determined, Trisha Boltcaster puts her mind and soul into progressing in her field of work – clockwork engineering. Married to Oswald Bolcaster, the two appear to have a rather difficult relationship, at least when it comes to seeing each other’s points of view. Trisha is kind-spirited, but tends to get caught up in her work, usually forgetting social niceties at times when she is deep in thought. However, Trisha is always keen to try something new, and is always sure to assist when help is needed.

Trisha Boltcaster

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