A rogueish halfling mercenary.


Torque stands average height for a halfling, around 2 feet 8 inches, and usually leans on one leg, looking at ease with the world. Torque tends to display his confidence in every movement he makes, often making his companions forget that he is half the height of a human. He often garbs himself in a leather vest, a loose-fitting shirt and a pair of breeches, though he has taken on the regalia of his employers on more than one occasion. Torque is lean, but muscular, and swings a keen short blade in combat.


A superb fighter, and bold leader despite his small stature, the halfling known as Torque is never afraid to engage foes larger than himself. Displaying a cavalier attitude, and always quick to laugh or make mirth, Torque must never be underestimated by those who oppose him. Though he appears to be a brazen and heroic swordsman, the truth is that Torque is little more than a mercenary, out to collect as many coins as possible, for whoever will pay them. He cares little for the lives he takes, provided the pay is sound, and he rarely thinks of anyone but himself. Torque has no home of his own, but can commonly be seen in Thorek, hunting Gnolls, or battling Stone Giants. Whenever a better job comes around, he is quick to hear of it, and keeps his reputation well as a loyal employee.


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