Timothy Tresguard

Squire of Sir Warrick Jauneplume.


Timothy is no older than 12 years of age, and stands barely four and a half feet tall. He is usually dressed in a Weldorian Squire’s uniform, sporting Weldor’s yellow and black colours. His hair is black, and is cut just above his sky-blue eyes. Timothy is very thin, but appears healthy for a boy of his age.


Timothy Tresguard is new to the order of Weldorian Knights, and was only just recently made a squire on his 12 birthday. He therefore lacks experience, and tends to be unsure of his actions or duties he is assigned to. Timothy was assigned to accompany Sir Warrick Jauneplume on a mission to Cobble’s End to recover information regarding the Whisper Mines. Timothy was quite happy to join the Weldorian Squires, but is worried that he will not make the cut when it comes to becoming a Knight. However, despite his trepidation, Timothy is well-mannered, kind, and sensitive, and is inquisitive and honest enough to contend with the greatest Weldorian Knights.

Timothy Tresguard

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