The Watcher

An elusive creature with seven eyes.


The creature known as The Watcher stands 8 and a half feet tall, with seven glowing yellow eyes, rough, grey, elephant-like skin, and large, thick hands and feet. The Watcher is in actuality a creature known as a Grey Render, a lumbering magical beast with the strength of fifty men.


Though he is massive, with strength to match a bull elephant’s, The Watcher is a kind, gentle creature. Imprinting upon those who need protecting, The Watcher, as his name suggests, stares curiously at people he finds interesting from hiding. When danger strikes, The Watcher springs into action, defeating any foe with his enormous hands, tearing combatants limb from limb. The Watcher has only a basic level of intelligence, incapable of speech, and only barely capable of comprehending language of any kind. The Watcher is responsive, however, to movements and emotions, mimicking creatures that attempt to communicate with him.

The Watcher

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