Skullcap & Knucklebone

A greedy, giant, two-headed Ettin.


Description: Standing 18 feet tall, and weighing close to 3000 pounds, the Ettin known as Skullcap & Knucklebone is a force to be reckoned with…At least on the battlefield. With thick, bluish skin and a corpulent belly, the sheer massive of this creature fills one with dread. Each of his two heads have their own name and personality, the left calling himself “Skullcap” and the right “Knucklebone.” Each head has mostly identical facial features, save for broken teeth, differing hair lengths and the presence or absence of earrings or scars. All Skullcap & Knucklebone wear is a small leather loincloth, which is patterned by some sort of rune – though this tiny scrap of clothing is so badly soiled that most don’t even notice what’s on it.


Selfish, cruel, and completely vicious, the Ettin which calls himself Skullcap & Knucklebone (each name pertaining to one of his two heads) must never be underestimated…Except in a battle of wits. For all the strength and battle prowess that this giant possessive, it is quite close to being brainless. The old adage “two heads are better than one” falls apart in the presence of this creature, except considering the dexterity and speed with which he attacks his foes. Skullcap & Knucklebone are purely motivated by greed, and their desire to engage foes in combat is merely a byproduct of such a meagre and selfish lifestyle. The two heads each have their own distinct personalities, but each share a common weakness – the heads often compete with one another for gold, letting passersby slip past unnoticed as the two of them bicker over who has the largest pile of treasure.

Skullcap & Knucklebone

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