Sir Warrick Jauneplume

Weldorian Knight, and travelling scholar.


Dressed from head to toe in shining plate mail, Sir Warrick Jauneplume can be easily recognized as one of The Knights of Weldor. His helm sports a jaunty yellow feather, and his cape flies the yellow and black colours of the banner of Weldor. Sir Warrick stands around six feet in height, and has a thin but muscular build beneath his armor. He has curious green eyes, and shoulder-length black hair which he keeps tucked behind his ears. He has an inquisitive face, and normally wears a thin, knowing smile, making him appear slightly more arrogant than he truly is. He, like all Knights of Weldor, carries a large tome with him at all times. This tome is entitled “The Knights Codex”, which he views as his prized possession.


Sir Warrick Jauneplume is curious, polite and proper. Coming from the ranks of The Knights of Weldor, Warrick displays all the tendancies common to those of his order. He is inquisitive, and knowledgeable, always seeking to discover facts unknown to the general populace. He is logical in his decision-making, and avoids confrontation whenever possible. Warrick, like many of The Knights of Weldor tends to be very accepting of other races, and is never quick to pass judgement on those of any culture. However, through his various studies and readings, Warrick has developed a dislike for Demonic creatures, believing them to be a malevolent force, dangerous to the lands of Telledor. Warrick never trusts the word of a Demon, and will let others hear his distaste for the foul creatures.

Sir Warrick Jauneplume

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