Sandred The Minotaur

A Minotaur jewelry maker and smith, Sandred is an old friend of Foren.


Sandred stands an impressive 10 feet 7 inches tall, and is covered in a coarse, brown fur. He has scorching red eyes, and long, sharp, black horns etched with maze-like designs and symbols. His long, bull-like ears are bedecked with rings and studs, and his snout sports a thick golden hoop. He wears his black hair long, and pulled back behind his head, and wears only a pair of tattered brown trousers and a belt full of crafting tools. He rests his weight easily upon his cloven hooves, and allows his whip-like tail to swish idly behind him. Every inch of Sandred’s body is heavily muscled and toned, making him look all the more aggressive to those he regards as foes.


For a Minotaur, Sandred has quite a calm temperament. More content to be left alone to his work than anything else, Sandred leads a solitary life, traveling around Telledor honing his craft. Sandred delights in creating magical rings, earrings, and other jewelry, and sells his work whenver he gets a decent opportunity. For a time, Sandred lived in Valarys posing as a human (using one of his magical rings to disguise his true form) before being discovered by less gullible folk. Sandred now avoids most civilized areas, preferring to approach those who appear to have open minds whom he spots while traveling along the road. However docile Sandred may be, at least compared to most Minotaurs, he still retains all the stubbornness and steadfast attitudes of his horned kin. Once he makes up his mind, it is hard to change it, except by those he dearly trusts. He is a loyal friend, but fiercely asserts his opinions, especially when considering matters which he is passionate about. Sandred has a strong distaste for Orcs, and rarely gives them the chance to prove their worth in his presence. Sandred and Foren have been friends for a good deal of time.

Sandred The Minotaur

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