Roland Truebraid

Stoic owner of The Lazy Griffin Inn and Tavern near the border of Weldor and Golaria.


Roland is a stocky, hawk-faced Dwarf, with piercing yellow eyes and a long, beak-like nose. He stands 4 feet 6 inches tall, and is robust in stature, with a hint of muscle beneath his clothing. Roland’s most striking feature is his blonde hair, which grows down his back, and almost to the floor in a tumble of many intricate braids. He also sports a well-groomed beard, with a prominent, long moustache, which entirely covers his mouth. Roland wears well-made clothing, typically an apron with a winged tankard on the chest, and a dark shirt and breeches. He wears thick leather gloves and boots, and scans the crowds which form in his tavern with an ever-questioning eye.


Roland Truebraid is an odd sort of Dwarf. He is outwardly stern, grumpy, and even accusatory at times, although these emotions hide a kind, warm and wise heart within. With his sharp eyes, Roland can typically size up a patron of his bar (The Lazy Griffin Inn and Tavern) within seconds, and adjust his reactions to each customer that arrives. His way of showing interest in such patrons that impress him is to pick a minor flaw he notices in their character, and belittle them for it through gentle, unflinching prodding at said flaw – a decidedly cruel practice, which makes Roland difficult for most to understand straight away. However, for regular patrons of his establishment, Roland builds deep and lasting friendships, which begin quickly if such customers are able to withstand his judging prods with good humour.

Roland Truebraid

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