Padlock The Pech

A strange, riddle-loving Fey creature who lives in The Whisper Mines.


Padlock stands 3 feet 7 inches tall, and has pale, waxy skin – much like the candle that sits atop his bald white head. His eyes are white orbs which rest beneath curling brown eyebrows, and his fingers are long, and spindly. Padlok wears a set of baggy brown pants, with many tools upon a thick, black belt. He otherwise looks like a Pech of any description, with no nose, and big, wide ears.


Private, grumpy, and a little rude, Padlock The Pech cares for only one thing: to be left entirely alone to tend his mushrooms, and feed his Blindheims. Padlock dwells in a cave behind a waterfall in The Whisper Mines, and cares very little for visitors. Despite his grumpy demeanour, Padlock is a sucker for weeping women, and quickly becomes polite to make things right. Padlock is also very fond of riddles, and can be convinced to bargain for any of his possessions if the correct answer is given.

Padlock The Pech

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