Oswald Boltcaster

Fey-fearing owner of Oswald's Odds and Bodkins magic shop.


With two blue eyes heavily magnified by his rounded glass spectacles, Oswald Boltcaster is a strange-looking older man. He has a round face, which, accompanied by his glasses give him the appearance of a weathered old owl. He wears a tall wizard’s cap atop his bald head, and a set of ornate old robe of many opalescent colours. Oswald is clean-shaven, except for the beaded beard on his chin, and usually wears a look of polite interest on his jolly old face.


Oswald is a kind, doddering Magic Shop owner who runs “Oswald’s Odds and Bodkins” in the city of Cobble’s End. Though he is typically kind to most of his patrons, Oswald has a genuine fear of Fey creatures, and never shows kindness to those with fairy blood. Goggle, Oswald’s small dog familiar is trained to bark whenever a Fey creature enters his shop. When faced with a Fey creature, Oswald typically becomes hostile, attempting to oust the creature from his presence in any way possible. To all other races, however, Oswald is helpful and friendly – Even if he tends to go on about the ‘Gremlin Menace’ a little too much.

Oswald Boltcaster

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