Demon familiar to Lord Galithor, imprisoned in a Golden Cage.


Standing a mere 8 inches tall, cloaked in dark, leathery wings, Malcor is a fairly common specimen for a Quasit Demon. His scaly flesh is blackish-green, and his eyes glow with a yellow malevolence. Atop his head are curling ram’s horns, and down his skull and along his spine runs a row of short, dark spikes. Malcor’s teeth are pure white, and gleam from behind the veil of darkness he cloaks himself in. Despite being so small, Malcor has said that he is over 300 years old.


Conniving and foul, Malcor possesses all of the evil and chaotic tendencies of his Demon kin. Malcor sees himself as an excellent conversationalist, and seeks every opportunity to communicate with mortals. Malcor, for all his malice and hatred, possesses a keen intellect, and sense of wisdom. When called upon for advice, he seldom leads one astray, unless it serves his own selfish purposes. Malcor holds a deep loathing for his former master, Lord Galithor, whom he wishes to kill more than anything in his life. Malcor will stop at nothing until his Master’s soul is in his hands.


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