Bongo-player of Magatha's gypsy caravan.


Kestro is short for a halfling, about 2 feet 3 inches tall. However, despite his small size, Kestro delights in wearing human-sized clothing – meaning he never wears clothing that fits. However, Kestro is fine with tugging back his sleeves, and rolling up his pants enough to walk. Kestro has a pointed, happy face, and wears a long, rust-coloured, pointed beard on his chin. His red hair is always covered by a merry sleeping cap, which is long, bright green and striped with black. Kestro usually wears earth tones in his clothing.


Jovial and roguish as any halfling one might meet, Kestro excels at expressing the more carefree side of the Gypsy Caravan. Never far from his set of bongo drums, Kestro plays beautiful music with the others, making crowds marvel, and pay handsomely for the performance. At times, Kestro has acted as a good-natured thief, taking only from unkind or evil patrons to helps the others make ends meet on their various journeys. The other gypsies scarcely question Kestro when he returns to the caravan, moneypouch bursting with coins, showing him how much they trust his judgement. Kestro is always quick to laugh, and is rarely seen without a smile on his pointed face. He loves to dance and pull pranks, mainly in order to get Jordan to laugh – a task which he has not yet accomplished in all the years they have travelled together.


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