Once King of the Gremlins in Golaria, currently acting ruler of the Vexgits.


Karvex is slightly taller than most of his kind, standing 1 foot 10 inches in height. He keeps himself straight-backed, so as to appear more regal when compared to his hundreds of slouching subjects. On his back, he wears a tattered bit of bright red cloth, which seems to mark him as an important member of Gremlin society. When he was still king, he wore a gilded orb atop his spiky head as a crown, but has since relinquished this ornament to Corta, who has taken over for him as king (though she granted Karvex temporary status as steward of the Gremlin throne). Karvex has a slightly different coloration to his exoskeleton than the other Vexgits, and sports a gleaming, obsidian-colored shell. In his hands he holds an over-sized hammer, which he carries like a scepter when walking among his subjects.


Noble, commanding, and more than a little dramatic, Karvex is proud, bold, and honorable to a fault. Having a keen love of mayhem and calculated destruction, Karvex has been known to concoct devious plans that span years and years, owing to the amount of work involved in having these plots come to fruition. Though Gremlins tend to focus more on destroying things, Karvex is more ambitious than most of his kind, and dreams of massive engines of war which he yearns to ride into human lands, laying waste to civilization. Karvex also enjoys his fair share of entertainment, however, and delights in setting up gladiatorial matches for unwitting travelers to take part in. Karvex keeps himself strictly bound by a rigid (and at times incomprehensible) code of honor, and never forgets to reward his foes for besting he or his men in the field of combat.


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