Jorg Porbirka

A Valaryan Plaguewalker keen on curing his people.


Jorg Porbirka is just under 6 feet tall, and is very thin and pale. He, like other members of the kingdom of Valarys, has taken to wrapping his arms, legs, mouth and head in light blue cloth, to prevent spreading the infection he possesses. His eyes are a very pale blue, and he sports thick, pointed black eyebrows, giving his eyes the expression of a bird of prey. His nose is large and bulbous, and is stricken a deep shade of puce, caused by his illness. Every so often, Jorg lets out a cough or a sneeze, puffing bursts of snowflakes into the air. Jorg wears a tabbard with a bottle emblazoned upon it, identifying himself as a Valaryian Alchemist.


Jorg Porbirka is a member of The Valaryian Plaguewalkers, an order stricken with a terminal, incurable disease. Jorg is cold, and harsh, preferring to get to the point quickly in conversation. Beneath his unfriendly demeanour, Jorg wishes to do good deeds for his people. His one goal is to bring a cure back to the infected people of Valarys, to end the plague once and for all. Jorg understands that money can be an excellent motivator, and so ensures that he carries large quantities of gold with him when he travels to distant lands in search of potion components.

Jorg Porbirka

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