Stoic fiddle player who travels with Magatha's gypsy caravan.


Jordan is tall, around 6 foot 6 inches, and very lean. Jordan rarely divulges his age, but appears to show signs of approaching middle-age for a Half-Elf, by the flecks of grey in his long black hair and beard. Jordan has kind, blue eyes, which have a sort of sorrowful depth to them. He dresses in close-fitting clothing and leather boots, and rarely goes without his dark blue cloak.


As a Half-Elf, Jordan has never felt truly at home anywhere but with the Gypsies. Having travelled most of his life, Jordan has made his living playing beautiful, if sometimes sorrowful music on his cherry-wood violin. The bastard son of the late Duke of Argodale, Jordan’s only family are his half-sister, Olivia, and her children. Even when visiting his sister, Jordan does not feel at home, having been a source of disgrace for his now deceased father for so many years. Because of this detachment from loved ones, Jordan tends to be distant, and stoic. He is humble in his accomplishments, and rarely speaks unless spoken to. However, Jordan is exceedingly observant, and thus has grown very wise over his many years travelling the lands of Telledor. He took a particular shine to Corta during the years that she travelled with the Gypsies, and he has always seemed to care very deeply for her as a friend. Corta could always find a way to make Jordan smile, something that always seemed difficult for others to accomplish.


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