Johnathan The Magnificent

A giddy songwriter and traveller.


A portly fellow in extravagant green and gold clothing, Johnathan The Magnificent is easily recognized as a performer. He stands a modest 5 feet 8 inches, and carry himself with dignity and a grace unexpected for a rotund gentleman such as himself. He has a round, jolly face with twinkling black eyes, and a well-groomed black beard upon his face and neck. His hair is completely covered by a jaunty hat sporting a bright white feather from the top. He is rarely seen without his well-crafted lute in hand, which he plays often.


Friendly, pompous, and a bit of a braggart, Johnathan The Magnificent (as he likes to call himself) is a gently, kind-hearted soul with the brains and mouth of an entertainer. As is the case with many a bard on the road, Johnathan has a keen ear for gossip, and excels at spreading rumours – and even at fabricating truths when such rumours are scarce. Johnathan delights in meeting heroes and other subjects of songs and tales, and simpers with respect in the presence of such fortunate people. Though he generally means well, Johnathan seems incapable of approaching anybody without a great deal of pomp and arrogance in his demeanour, and as such he has made a few grudging enemies in the past. However, many simply remember to take Johnathan with a grain of salt – particularly when he insists that he be called “The Magnificent”.

Johnathan The Magnificent

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