Bartender of Troll's Hollow, a smoke-den in Algordale.


Jimmy has a leathery, thin face, cracked and creased by years of spending time serving as bartender in a smoke den. Always quick to greet newcomers into his tavern, Jimmy has beady, twinkling blue eyes, and a charming smile (even though he is missing a tooth or two). He has greasy black hair that sits in limp curls atop his head, which he keeps shortly-trimmed. Jimmy wears a striped brown shirt beneath a thick, fine blue coat with gold buttons, that appears to have withered slightly due to the ever-present smoke in Jimmy’s surroundings. Jimmy is friendly and happy, and winks almost constantly.


As friendly and outgoing as any bartender in Telledor, Jimmy runs the smoke den known as Troll’s Hollow, found beneath a bridge in Algordale. Jimmy loves to spread rumours, and hints at interesting goings on, usually employing a few of his trademark winks for emphasis. Jimmy is in truth a key to the underworld of Golaria, a man that any criminal can turn to in need of assistance. Jimmy serves as a conduit for these lowlifes to the crime lords who run the seedy underbelly of black market trading in the region. Jimmy’s charismatic demeanour is good enough to keep the guards of the city from asking too many questions, while also serving to forge easy ties with his business compatriots. Jimmy is therefore a well-known and well-liked man in both the underworld, and the legitimate side of Golaria alike.


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