A coach-driving hireling of Lord Dalton.


Henry is a boy 17 years of age. He stands average height for a teenager, around 5 feet 10 inches. His ear-length hair is brown, as are his wide eyes, and he usually dresses in comfortable tanned leathers and breeches. Henry sometimes wears a loose, dark-brown cloak when travelling long distances. He has a thin face, with rounded cheeks, which are accented when he grins.


Henry is kind, friendly, and simple, with few desires and wishes other than to travel, and live a carefree life. He is impressed by bravery and the deeds of adventurers, and delights in travelling with heroes and storytellers. Henry drives a coach for Lord Dalton of Cobble’s End, and is sometimes asked to transport people long distances to complete errands for his Lordship. Henry is non-judgemental, and non-confrontational, quite content to live and let live as he goes about his duties.


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