Oswald Boltcaster's faithful pet dog.


Goggle is a little Boston Terrier that Oswald Boltcaster keeps as his familiar. He is barely a foot tall when standing, and is patterned with large black and white spots like most of his kind. Goggle is usually seen sleeping, and therefore appears very lethargic, despite being in excellent health.


Goggle is a sleepy little dog that alerts his master, Oswald Boltcaster, that visitors have entered his magic shop with a lazy “…Bow” for a bark. Goggle is friendly, and never shies away from a good tummy rub. Though he sleeps most of the day and night, Goggle springs wide awake in the presence of Fey creatures, which his master has taught him to attack. Goggle will bark vociferously in the presence of a Fey creature, and seldom backs down when one is threatening his master.


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