Leader of the Pack Rats, a Ratfolk theives guild.


Standing less than 3 feet tall, Flick is a thin Ratfolk thief, with gleaming black eyes, and twitching white whiskers. His fur is black from head to foot, except for his belly, which is a dirty white in colour. Around his waist he wears a master-crafted belt, and around his shoulders is a beautifully-made black cloak. Flick, like all Ratfolk, has a long, naked pink tail, which whips about behind him as he walks.


Flick is proud and brave – at least for a Ratfolk – and will usually challenge foes much larger than himself if he feels his honour or reputation is in jeopardy. Flick prides himself on being a master thief, and is always quick to tell exaggerated tales of his exploits. Flick is the ringleader of a small gang of thieves called the Pack Rats, who operate within the limits of Cobble’s End. Flick, though at times a bit skittish, is a fighter, and will never run when his friends, or his pride are in danger.


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