Fenzo Tabbardcloth

An emissary and magical Armor-smith from Thanereach.


Fenzo stands only five and a half feet tall, and is quite thin by most human standards. He dresses himself in regal finery of red and gold, showing his status as an emissary of Thanereach. Fenzo wears his black hair in a long braid, and sports a thin moustache on either side of his upper lip. On his chin is a thin, pointed black beard, which he strokes when he is nervous. Fenzo can usually be seen wearing a red and gold hat, standing on a pair of wooden sandals. His posture is slightly sloped, making him seem even shorter as he hobbles along. Fenzo has tiny, beady little brown eyes that are usually hidden when he displays his simpering toothy grin.


Fenzo is a businessman, a negotiator, and a terrible coward when faced with open conflict. In Thanereach, he runs a reputable Magic Armour Shop, and is one of the finest Armour-smiths in the land. He is often called upon by the king of Thanereach to present fine works of armour to leaders as gestures of friendship when treaty negotiations are underway. Fenzo takes great pride in his work, and commonly overcharges his patrons when he feels attached to a particular suit of armour, or ‘work of art’ as he calls many of them. Fenzo displays great fervour and strength when presenting himself as an emissary or businessman, but when faced with physical threats he will beg for mercy before the first strike is made.

Fenzo Tabbardcloth

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