Singer of Magatha's gypsy caravan.


Elda’Ree stands a tiny 2 feet 4 inches, only slightly taller than her husband, Kestro. She is thin and childlike, usually wearing simple beaded dresses. Elda’Ree wears her brown hair up, where it naturally sticks out in a large, spiky clump.


Spirited and tranquil, Elda’Ree’s talents lie in her garment-making and in her wonderful voice. Recently having married Kestro, the two of them live happily together, and rarely squabble as most couples do. Elda’Ree is quite easygoing and is easily distracted by things, making her seem quite absent-minded. She has trouble focusing on a single topic, and can quite simply trail off during conversation to fall deep in thought. She has never known sadness, at least in the memory of the others of the group, and exudes a perpetual serenity that no one in the caravan can match.


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