Duke Nathanial

Duke of Algordale.


Tall, blonde, and handsome, Nathaniel, Duke of Algordale is a striking pillar of authority and justice in the realm of Golaria. Standing 6 feet 4 inches tall, Nathaniel makes quite an impression upon all those he meets. He dresses in finery to denote his stature in society, but strides among the common folk daily, acting no better than the people he serves. He prefers to wear modest hues of turquoise or cerulean, with alabaster embellishments and gilded trim. He wears a small crown atop his head, but only when he is among the lords and ladies of the court. His pale green eyes are warm and comforting, as is his dashing grin.


The true epitome of a handsome noble leader, Duke Nathaniel is everything a good ruler should be, and more. His chiseled features and soft, caring eyes make him the object of much desire for the women of the court of Algordale, and his kind demeanour betrays a pure heart nestled within his well-muscled chest. However, Nathaniel only has eyes for his one true love, Olivia, his wife and Duchess of the realm. A family man, and honourable to his last breath, Nathaniel keeps the kingdom from harm in any capacity he is able. Forgiving of errors, yet stern when faced with evil and cruelty, the realm of Golaria has seen excellent days due to Nathaniel and Olivia’s fine leadership and commitment to the greater good. In all ways, Duke Nathaniel is kind to the meek, defendant of the helpless, and foe to evil in all its forms.

Duke Nathanial

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