Duchess Olivia

Duchess of Algordale, and lifelong friend of Corta.


Duchess Olivia is thin and beautiful, standing 5 feet 7 inches in height. She has a happy, heart-shaped face, topped by a head of springy golden locks of blonde hair. Her eyes sparkle with joy and wonderment at almost all times, giving her a look of perpetual enjoyment. Olivia, as Duchess of Algordale, dresses in clothing of exquisite finery, usually in shades of sharp purple or pink. Olivia is always energetic and gleeful, and has an intensely infectious laugh. Although she is quite capable of carrying herself with quite repose and eloquence, Olivia is quite generally over-excited and can barely sit still when met with the right circumstances.


Happy, sincere, and more than a little naive, Duchess Olivia is a carefree, happy woman. A tumble of energy, pink lace and springy golden locks, Olivia’s gleeful nature is present in every aspect of her pampered life. Despite being a bit self-centred at times, Olivia understands the plight of the common people, and has pledged her life to making things better for those with hardships in their lives. Along with her husband, Nathaniel, the two of them have poured their purity and kindness into the capital of the realm, and have watched as the kingdom of Golaria has grown into so much more than it had been in ages past. With a love for all things pure and just, Olivia delights in the joys presented by life, and never fails to share her happiness with those she meets. Olivia has been a friend of Corta since the two were children, and they share a sister-like bond that cannot be shaken.

Duchess Olivia

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