A mute Gnomish mercenary and assassin.


Standing 3 feet 6 inches, normally found wearing dark leathers and cloth, Culainn is about as nasty as Svirfneblin Gnomes get. His skin is pale grey, as are his cold, hollow eyes, and he stares with the intensity of a wolf sizing up its prey. Culainn rarely speaks, for reasons which are unknown, even to his closest associates. Different from most Svirfneblin Gnomes, Culainn has a shock of unruly black hair – possibly suggesting that he comes from a line of typical Gnomes, as well as his grey-skinned kin. However, Culainn is never one to divulge information of any sort about his past, preferring to keep silent and mysterious to his aggressors. Culainn carries a wicked pair of shining sickles at his belt.


Few of Gnomish blood are capable of displaying such sheer hatred for life as the dog-boy, Culainn. Known by many as ‘Dog’, ‘Whelp’ or ‘Cur’, Culainn has suffered much ridicule and ignorance in his short life thus far. However all those that wish to exact physical harm upon Culainn are quickly silenced – that is, after they finish screaming with pain. Few know Culainn’s origins, or how he came to know such brutal means of torture, maiming and slaying. Once thing is certain, however: few can match the terrible prowess he displays as an assassin for hire, a profession which he enjoys most voraciously. Culainn rarely speaks, and is a creature of destruction and malice throughout. Between himself, Torque and Lug, Culainn is the only one in the position of mercenary to satisfy his need to kill.


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