Count Orwell


A short, gangly man of no taller than 5’8”, Count Orwell typically keeps his head shaved bald, which shines with reflected light. He wears a severely pointed moustache, and a thin, dagger-like beard growing from just under his bottom lip. His slimy smile reveals several gold teeth, and his eyes are a cold icy blue, which sparkle with a thick malevolence. He usually wears a black frock coat, decorated with golden studs and embroidery. On his hands he wears delicate white gloves, and his pointed leather boots reach over his knees in length. All over his clothes are small hints of his obvious wealth – golden buckles, and shining golden clasps and buttons. He stands slightly hunched, as if always leaning in to be just that much closer to your moneypouch.


Count Orwell is an eel of a man. His deepest desires reach no further than being as wealthy and powerful as possible. He cares little for the feelings of others, and in his new position of power as the Count of Satchel, his true colours ring true, unrestrained and treacherous as a snake. He takes vile pleasure taxing his people, and cares nothing for whether ordinary folk have the money to pay him or not. He would just as soon slit the throats of the poor than have their money to fill his coffers. He speaks with an oily sneer, and drips malice and hate for those who displease him.

Count Orwell was slain by Corta, in a fit of rage. Count Orwell was Grom’s father.

Count Orwell

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