Leader of a band of Sprites in Daggerwood Forest.


Standing just over 8 inches tall, Brackator acts much larger than he truly is. With a shock of wild, brilliant orange hair and long, pointed ears, Brackator looks akin to most others of his kind. Like all Sprites, Brackator sports a pair of moth-like wings, that shimmer with colour as he flies. Brackator wears a suit of armour made from interlocking leaves, which he wears over simple cloth wrappings. Brackator adorns his face with tribal paints, and wears earrings on each ear. He carries a thin blade at his waist, which he draws proudly when attacked.


Brash, noble, and exceedingly bold, Brackator leads his band of Sprites with pride and dignity. Unafraid to challenge foes larger and stronger than himself, Brackator defends his forest and people with the skill and battle prowess of any great leader. His sense of honour tends to make him appear cold and aloof, especially to visitors into Daggerwood Forest. However, beneath his dutiful scowl, Brackator is a peaceful creature, hoping only to do what is right for his race. Brackator distrusts most humanoids, usually drawing blades before asking questions.


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