Borgen Tallcap

Owner of Tallcap Smithy in Cobble's End.


Tall, barrel-chested, and ruddy-skinned, Borgen Tallcap can usually be found covered in soot in his smithy, hammering away at an anvil. Borgen is most recognizable by his strange leather cap, which is tall and brightly coloured red. He is missing his right arm, which he has replaced with an iron hammer, making him excellently adept at armour-smithing. Borgen usually wears a thick leather apron, and tan baggy breeches. He rarely wears a shirt, which makes the presence of the hat and the absence of his right arm all the more odd to passersby.


Borgen is the owner and proprietor of Tallcap Smithy located in Cobble’s End. No one quite knows how he got the cap, or what significance it has to Borgen, but given that he wears the cap daily, it is assumed that his cap has some special meaning to him. The townsfolk have taken to calling him “Tallcap”, a nickname that has caught on to the point of his own grudging recognition. Borgen works hard at his shop, crafting armour and weapons of all kinds. He is the most skilled smith in the region, whose patrons are usually more than willing to ignore his strange headgear – a wise decision for visitors of his shop, as Borgen does not take kindly to comments of this nature.

Borgen Tallcap

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