Barkeep of The Thirsty Ferret.


Autumn always dresses in fall tones, usually choosing a vest or kerchief to wear over a flowing white shirt. Autumn is considered to be quite beautiful, and she is thought of by many to be the jewel of the town. She has skin the colour of fresh, loamy soil, curly black hair, and mysterious, sage-green eyes.


The owner of The Thirsty Ferret is a woman named Autumn, who inherited the place from her father before he passed away due to a sickness. Autumn wishes to do her father’s memory proud, and delights in serving so many people from all over the continent. She is friendly and polite, knowledgeable and wise. Though Autumn is considered to be very beautiful by most standards, Autumn’s father taught her well, and she will marry only a man who presents himself to her through destiny.


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