Argus Blackhorn

Captain of the Blackhorn Watch in Algordale.


Argus is 5 feet 10 inches tall, and built like a soldier. He has tightly cropped, straight black hair with a gradually receding hairline, and a short-cropped black beard with stripe of gray down its centre. He has cold, brown eyes beneath tightly-knit brows that give him an expression of perpetual vigilance. Argus wears the traditional garb of a member of the Blackhorn Watch, including thick leather armour, decorated with a black inlay of a ram’s head on the chest, and a long, olive-green cloak. Argus is rarely seen without his sword at his side, and he typically stands at the ready, even during polite conversation.


Argus was born to be what he has become – captain of the guard patrol in Algordale known as the Blackhorn Watch. Argus comes from a proud line of soldiers, his forefathers having started the order under which he now serves. Argus is therefore quite dedicated to his work, and takes things very seriously. He is an excellent captain, and his men follow him with a good deal of respect and reverence. To members of The Watch, their oath to lord and land is paramount, and Argus follows his code to protect his people unflinchingly. Argus is therefore very trustworthy, honest, dutiful, and stalwart, and to his closest friends he provides unending loyalty.

Argus Blackhorn

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