Archbishop Ryad

An Elven high priest of Herde who guides The Ramhorn Monks of Algordale.


Archbishop Ryad stands nearly 7 feet tall, and is stick thin, as many highborn Elves tend to be. He has a haughty attitude, which makes him appear uncaring and emotionless when dealing with those in the monastery. He walks with a straight back, his pointed nose in the air, his starkly rigid jaw set in a look of perpetual piousness. His eyes mirror this quality, making his expressions look more like those found on stained glass windows with depictions of saints rather than actual expressions. Ryad wears an off-white ceremonial robe with brown trim, and a white ram’s head on his chest, signifying him as a Ramhorn Monk of Herde. He wears a rope tied at his waist, and a pair of simple sandals on his feet. On his head he wears a cap with a pair of curling ram’s horns, showing him as a member of high status in the church.


Archbishop Ryad has served the church of Herde for hundreds of years, and has therefore become very haughty in his approach to providing care to those who need it. He seems to have developed a belief that due to his devotion to his deity, he has been granted a greater understanding of life, the universe, and everything. Through this ‘divine providence’, Ryad makes it appear that he knows more than he truly does, and believes that Herde steers his opinions toward the path of righteousness. This is not often the case, as Ryad routinely comes off as being too blunt when talking to visitors to his temple, and he exudes an attitude of superiority which many find quite distasteful.

Archbishop Ryad

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