A mysterious clockwork entity who hopes to keep Telledor from falling into chaos.


Aphelion is an otherworldly entity with strange, clockwork anatomy. Essentially, Aphelion is a six-armed construct who appears to be made of a mix of metals and stone. Where a human would have legs, Aphelion instead possesses a complex orb of spinning rings similar in shape to an orrery – it is this whirling machine that appears to grant Aphelion the ability to fly. Though he has huge, metal wings, they serve as little more than stabilizers when Aphelion is in flight. Four of Aphelion’s arms end in functional hands that he normally uses to carry a mix of weapons, primarily a pair of swords. His lower two arms hold large, flaming metal spheres in his hands, which he uses to generate elemental bolts of energy that he can hurl great distances to damage foes.


Aphelion is an emotionless, quasi-gestalt entity who appears to speak for some greater force. The presence of purest law is apparent in every word that Aphelion speaks, and he is quick to press his point when working towards a specific goal. Without need for emotion, Aphelion speaks bluntly, registering his opinions quickly, and making conclusions with the swiftness of a genius mind. Though he is stoic, and unflinching, Aphelion appears to have a great stake in the preservation of humanity, and the mortal realm of the Material Plane. Eager to restore the balance of power from the clutches of chaos back to equality with the forces of law, Aphelion has charged the party members with confronting Galithor in the Abyss, and has sent them to assemble a planar-travelling device known as The Harbinger Gate.


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