A black, nosy ferret that belongs to Autumn.


Acorn is a little black ferret, about a foot and a half long including his tail. Acorn has sage green eyes, like his master, Autumn, and is curious and intelligent. Acorn is quick and sleek, and is not easily avoided by patrons who visit The Thirsty Ferret Inn and Tavern.


Autumn‘s best companion is her pet ferret, Acorn, who gets into no end of mischief as Autumn tries to tend bar and serve as innkeeper. Acorn obviously means well, but makes poor decisions of judgement. For instance, Acorn can’t help but notice the shiny coins people give to Autumn, which she counts, and hides away with a happy smile. Acorn attempts to do her a favour by sneaking into people’s pockets, staling some of these coins, and bringing them to Autumn as a gift. Autumn routinely mistakes these small piles of coins for tips, which has led to the warning sign next to the bar: “Drinkers Beware! Ferrets Afoot! Not Responsible For Lost Coins! – Management”. Acorn also delights in drinking his belly full of the popular drink aptly named Ferret-Mead. Usually if one lets Acorn drink from his or her mug, he will find someone else’s coins to pilfer.


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