Owner of The Scroll Case magic shop. Obsessed with finding a creature he calls 'The Watcher'


Aberforth is a small, middle-aged halfling who stands no taller than 3 feet 4 inches. Most of his features are grey, including his shaggy, nose-length hair, is bushy sideburns, and his tunic, breeches and cape. Aberforth has a pointed nose and chin, and steel-grey eyes. He is usually stooped over parchments pertaining to the creature known as ‘The Watcher’.


Aberforth possesses an obsessive mindset, which he uses to devote his attention to various lofty goals. In recent years, Aberforth has become obsessed with catching a glimpse of the fabled creature ‘The Watcher’, which has been seen in the village of Satchel. Aberforth is easily distracted by his research, and rarely looks up from his work unless pestered many times. Aberforth talks quickly and maniacally, and is single-minded in his pursuits. Aberforth owns The Scroll Case magic shop in a windmill in the village of Satchel.


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